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Silicone Sealants - Neutral Cure


  • Quality: This varies according to the percentage of silicone in the sealant. Premium products have 100% silicone, cheaper products include fillers and solvent extenders. Premium silicones will have a longer life, zero shrinkage, better adhesion, better tooling and finish
  • Types: Silicones divide into two types according to the chemicals they contain to effect curing.

    Neutral Cure – these are virtually odourless and the cured sealant is chemically neutral

    Acetoxy Cure – these have a vinegary smell and release acid. They have poor adhesion on plastics and can stain metals

  • Elasticity: Low modulus products are more elastic and have greater movement. High modulus sealants have greater bonding properties
  • Anti-fungal: Sealants with anti-fungal additives to inhibit mould growth are used for sealing sanitaryware and in areas of high humidity. Premium sealants have more powerful anti-fungicides such as XS1

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