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Fixings & Anchors

MIDFIX supply a comprehensive range of ETA approved anchors and fixings. For all anchor types, we offer the correct setting tools, torque wrenches etc.

Our selection includes: ETA-approved wedge anchors, rod hangers, concrete screws, throughbolts, resin systems and lightweight fixings.

Why select an ETA-approved anchor? Installation Training

MIDFX Anchor Services

Anchor Selection

Our technical sales team advise engineers and contractors in selecting the most suitable ETA anchors for their applications. It is important to consider every aspect of the installation to ensure the anchor is suitably approved and will safely hold the required loads.

Fixing specification boards

The MIDFIX specification board is a great way of ensuring consistency. Working with the contractor, we will identify suitable anchors for the project. Including site testing and technical submissions. We produce a site-specific board with physical samples of approved anchors together with supporting data.

Our experienced sales team provide;

  • Pre-commencement meetings
  • Full range of ETA approved anchors
  • CFA qualified anchor testers
  • Anchor selection advice
  • Installer training programmes delivered on-site or remotely
  • Best practice CPD
  • In-House MIDFIX Academy
  • Bespoke training sessions
  • Site testing
  • Full CAD drawing facilities along with load calculation etc
Are you looking for BS 8539:2012 guidance on the selection, supply, installation, and testing of anchors?
Watch the MIDFIX sound-out series Download the MIDFIX Guide to a compliant BS:8539 Fixing Installation