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Sikla Framo Support System

Sikla Framo is a multi-functional support system for heavier applications that would traditionally be supported on secondary steelwork. With this system, supports can be very quickly manufactured on site for applications that are beyond the scope of strut channels.

The basis of the system is the Framo box profile, an 80 x 80mm multi-holed box section. Its light weight combined with high torsional strength make it ideal for the construction of modular frames.

A multi-directional system, Sikla Framo is an exceptionally versatile product for creating 3-dimensional frameworks. Connections can be made to all four sides very simply, quickly and securely using thread forming bolts using an ordinary impact wrench. Components have a slotted hole profile allowing for up to 10mm adjustment at each connection point. Framo is fully hot dip galvanised and gives excellent corrosion protection in external situations.

An increasingly popular product, Sikla Framo is being used extensively for support applications in the building services, water treatment and energy generation sectors. We offer an engineering design service with drawings and load calculations for Framo based supports.