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Firestopping Products

Buildings are designed with fire compartments formed from fire resistant walls and floors. These confine the fire to its zone of origin for a specific time allowing occupants to exit the building before the fire and smoke can spread.

Firestopping products are classified as passive fire protection and protect against the passage of flames, smoke and gases through openings and gaps in fire compartments. It is a legal requirement that every breach of the fire compartment walls and floors has to be reinstated for an effective fire barrier. All building services passing through a fire compartment require fire stopping. All joints and gaps between walls and ceilings and around fire doors require firestopping.

MIDFIX supply a comprehensive range of firestopping products which are tested and certified to the relevant regulatory standards. With firestopping it is important that suitably approved products are used for the application. We can assist you in deciding which is the right product for your particular requirement.

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