We’ve combined four decades of knowledge with technical excellence to create the QMEXX range. This modular pipe support system is designed to support above ground pipe work. It is off-the-shelf, adjustable and assembled in minutes to replace traditional steel welded fabrications.​

Framo 80 forms the basis of the QMEXX system.  This clever multi-holed box section makes it easy for you to connect pipe brackets. You can assemble a full range of pipe supports including post brackets, goal posts, cantilever brackets and gantries within minutes.

The QMEXX system is completely versatile, should you encounter any site variations from drawings, supports can be instantly adjusted and adapted to suit your exact site requirements.  There are unlimited connection points enabling you to make further attachments. There are straightforward load ratings.

With QMEXX, no manufacturing is required, simply pick the products you require off-the- shelf.   The range is hot dip galvanised, so the products are completely protected from corrosion.

Water Treatment Sector

From sewage treatment works to wastewater treatment sites, we work with water authorities, utilities companies and civil engineering contractors to provide installation solutions on above ground pipework support systems.

Energy from Waste Sector

We have significant experience working at AD and recycling facilities where pipework support is required.  We have deployed Revit BIM models to design supports for all types of low and high level  pipework.

Chemicals Sector

Upgrades in chemical plants can become a difficult whilst the plant is still running and shut downs are extremely time sensitive. Our QMEXX supports will remove the headaches you would normally associate with traditional pipe support methods, speeding up the installation process whilst still conforming to CE standards.

QMEXX project 3