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Cable Accessories

MIDFIX provides a wide range of technical and innovative 18th edition compliant accessories for the safe fixing of cables.

In answer to the 18th edition wiring regulations, MIDFIX has specifically designed a range of cable ties, cable mounts, cable harnesses, and cable clips which are compliant with the latest guidelines. Below we have outlined our main cable accessory product categories:

Cable Ties – used in vast quantities for securing cables and usually made from nylon. Metal cable ties were designed for tougher use in harsh environments. The answer is to use MIDFIX steel cable ties – a range of economically priced steel cable ties ideal for securing individual cables or cable bundles and suitable for internal and external use.

Cable Mounts – when replacing plastic tie mounts we have several metal options depending on the preferred installation method. Our patent-pending Firesafe Tie Mounts can be used with all manufacturer’s cordless nailing tools for rapid 18th edition compliant installations. Another much faster option than screw fixing is to use our Metal Push Mounts – another great product which is simply pushed into a 6mm hole, so the likelihood of using incorrect fixings is removed.

Cable Harnesses – a cost-effective way of installing cable bundles without the need for cable containment. Available in two sizes for wall or ceiling mounting, cables can easily be added or removed as the installation progresses.

Cable ClipsMetal Cable Clips and Stag Clips can be used as direct replacements for the traditional plastic cable clip. For plastic conduit installations, the conduit needs to be strategically secured with metal conduit clips for which the Safe-D Conduit Clip is ideal. Safe-D U Clips are easily folded metal clips that can be used as standalone cable fixings or for securing cables within plastic trunking.