Our in-house fabrication workshop manufactures bespoke supports and bracketry. Our skilled engineers, fabricators and welders can help you with:

  • Channel Cutting
  • MMA/MIG/TIG welding
  • Laser cutting and folding
  • Component Assembly
  • Drilling and tapping
  • Painting
  • Galvanising

We know that one-size cannot fit all.  We can create bespoke supports and brackets for your project.  We can cut channel to specific lengths as well as produce a wide-range of bespoke fabrications; from heavy fully welded and bolted frames, gantries and cantilevers, to simple pipe stands and small scale brackets in both steel and stainless steel. We offer laser cutting and folding, as well as a range of finishes including galvanising, electro-plated powder coated and painted finishes.

We calculate the most efficient way to produce your requirements enabling you to be more economical with your purchases as well as meeting sustainability requirements.

We know that you are often under time pressure, our team of skilled TIG/MIG welders can cut, package and deliver products to your site the next working day.

Research has shown that pre-fabrication can reduce construction time by 30%, material costs by 20%, and lower accident rates.  Given the current labour rates and shortages, health and safety risks, shortened project schedules and other restrictions such as hot works permits. These factors certainly makes pre-fabrication and the off-site manufacture of pipework and containment supports an attractive option.

We work closely with customers on projects that require long term off-site manufacturing. With designated areas on our premises, we support the rapid and efficient construction of utility frames and modules. Once completed, these are then either stored on-site until required, or transported to their final location for installation.


What Are the Key Benefits of Prefabrication and Off-Site Manufacturing?

  • Health & Safety: The on-site risks of cutting are reduced, so there’s no need for hot works permits and reduced excess waste.
  • Efficiency: Prefabricated frames supplied to site are labelled ready for installation, saving time and allowing for projects to be delivered on time.
  • Quality Control: Each of our fabrication projects is thoroughly checked before dispatch, in order to ensure consistency.
  • Waste: Prefabrication and off-site manufacturing eliminates excess offcuts such as channel and studding, and reduces the amount of on-site packaging.
  • Cost: By increasing efficiency, cutting time, and eliminating excess waste on-site, costs are significantly reduced.
  • Space: Space is used much more efficiently, as designated areas for cutting and assembly on-site are effectively removed.

We save a considerable amount of time and wastage on-site, simply by having materials supplied that are cut to size. We offer a no waiting service, yet can provide everything from just a few lengths to many hundreds on threaded rods, channels and steel sections. For easy nut-on use, we supply threaded rods with chamfered ends, and our strut channels can be supplied with or without capped ends, depending on your preference.

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