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Ceiling Anchors

Ceiling anchors is a classification of popular anchors used in mechanical and electrical installations for suspending threaded rods and fixing strut channels to concrete ceilings.

Our ceiling anchor range includes ETA-approved Wedge anchors for safety-critical applications and anchor testing equipment.

MIDFIX can supply all anchors with the appropriate setting tools and our trained CFA approved technical team can carry out on-site testing, (BS 8539 states if an ETA anchor is available then it should be used. Testing would be required in all other circumstances)

Our MIDFIX Academy offers anchor installation training to reduce the risk of on-site anchor installation failure.

Installation Training
  • ETA Wedge Anchors
  • ETA Rod Hangers
  • ETA Concrete Screws
  • Hollow Concrete Anchors
  • Torque Wrenches
  • Anchor testing equipment
BS 8539 guidance

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