VYLSF410 Buffalo Vinylester Resin

VYLSF410 Buffalo Vinylester Resin


  • Vinylester based high strength cartridge resin
  • Buffalo Vinylester Resin is suited for safety-critical high load structural applications in concrete
  • Suitable for wet or flooded fixing holes
  • Fast curing times for early loading
  • Low odour formulation
  • Mix in the nozzle two-component cartridge
Data Sheet

Key Benefits

  • European Technical Approvals
  • High loads possible
  • For use in damp holes and underwater
  • Can be used in cracked and uncracked concrete
  • High chemical resistance
  • Fire approved
  • Approved for use with potable water
  • 50 year guaranteed working life


  • European Technical Assessments ETA-12/0024 & ETA-14/0057
  • Approved for use with post-installed rebar connections
  • WRAS approved for use with potable drinking water
  • Fire resistance tested in concrete

Do I need an ETA-approved anchor?

ETA approval M8 to M24 studs
ETA approval M8 to M24 studs


Installation Training
BS 8539:2012 Guidance

Toolbox talk

Thorough hole cleaning with wire brushes and dust removal pumps or vacuum cleaners is essential to ensure the integrity of chemical anchors. It is important to follow the manufacturer’s cleaning instructions to achieve the correct bond strength.


Code Size / Ref Resin GunCartridge SizeBox Qty Request a quote
0274441 VYLSF410 Buffalo Vinylester Resin PRG 410ml 12 Speak to a specialist on 0115 922 1585. Speak to a specialist on 0115 922 1585.

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