VTM-110 V-Tuf ‘M’ Class Vac

  • M-Class rated vac for construction related dust extraction
  • Integrated filter shaking system
  • Suitable for Heller Duster Drills
  • Extraction velocity monitor for low air-flow indication
  • For dry operation with dust bags
  • 110v – 800w

Supplied with :

  • 3m hose
  • 3 piece steel tube set
  • Carpet/hard floor head
  • Hard floor sweeper head
  • Universal power tool connector
  • Dust bag

An economically priced vac certified to EU Class M for high user protection from construction dusts in accordance with HSE requirements. Unrated vacs can exhaust up to 85% of harnful dust back into the air; a class ‘M’ vac must have a minimum filter efficiency of 99.9% and a minimum of H12 HEPA filtration.

This machine is ideal for on-tool dust extraction such as with Heller Duster Drill Bits and comes with a universal adaptor to connect the hose directly to the tool. It also comes with a full set of tools for general site cleaning duties. To sufficiently extract dust at source a minimum extraction velocity of 20 metres per second is required. This machine features a low air-flow indicator to warn when the bag needs changing or filter cleaning. The integrated filter shaking system cleans the filter without exposing the operator to the dust. Whenever the HEPA filter requires a more thorough clean it can be simply removed from the machine and put through a dishwasher.

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2287311 VTM-110 V-Tuf 'M' Class Vac Speak to a specialist on 0115 922 1585. Speak to a specialist on 0115 922 1585.

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