Universal Stud Deburrer

  • M6 – M16 thread capability
  • Repairs cut threads in seconds
  • Operated by a cordless drill with minimum effort
  • RC 60 hardness cutting heads
  • Works on threaded rods, bolts, tubes and bars
  • Effective on stainless, hardened and mild steel, copper and brass

The Universal deburring tool is designed to rapidly deburr the ends of threaded rod and other threaded fasteners after cutting.  Extremely easy to use with a cordless drill and requiring very little pressure, the stud deburrer makes a small taper lead on the thread ready to spin on the nut saving a great deal of time and frustration.  This quality tool has tungsten carbide cutting heads of RC60 hardness for long lasting use and durability on a wide range of materials including stainless steel and high tensile steel.  Stud deburrer is also ideal for deburring and chamfering the ends of tubes and bars.

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