Smart Tack Spray Bonding

  • Advanced spray bonding adhesive
  • Resin based technology
  • Up to 15 times faster than conventional contact adhesive
  • Cost effective – up to 3 times coverage
  • Low odour & CFC free
  • 500ml aerosol

Smart Tack is an advanced adhesive system for a wide range of sheet bonding applications. Uses include, laminates, veneers, sheet timber materials, insulation boards, uPVC sheet, polystyrene and dense fabrics.

Smart Tack sprays fine strands of adhesive in a web pattern covering a large area quickly. It has a fast tacking time and long open time – the materials can be brought together from between 3-5 minutes after application and for up to 2 hours – making it exceptionally easy to use. Bonded materials can be handled within 5 minutes.

A 500ml aerosol will bond between 4-5m² of laminate when applied to both surfaces.

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