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Protecta FR Putty Cord

  • Designed to suit small service penetrations
  • Easy to apply fire and sound rated sealant
  • Hand workable, re-serviceable and re-usable
  • 15mm x 200mm push fit and self-adhesive
  • Can be used on cables in bundles, large cables, steel, copper and alupex pipes, concrete walls and floors
  • Tested on ETA 16/0322, UL-EU 01053

Protecta Putty Cord is an easy to apply fire rated putty supplied as a non-setting cord. The cord is hand workable, re-usable and re-serviceable due to its non-setting properties. They are supplied in circular strips and are easy to fit with no tools required.

Fitting the putty cords will reinstate the fire rating of the partition and prevent the passage of smoke and flames in a fire and sound and air movement during service life.

The putty cord is designed to be easily fitted around service penetrations where the gap around the services is very small, or there are no gaps at all so a conventional fire rated sealant is impossible or difficult to fit due to the required depth and backing material. The putty cords are fitted covering the gap around the services and does not need to fill the gap to the required depth.

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316133115mm x 200mm5 Speak to a specialist on 0115 922 1585.
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