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Protecta Ex Mortar

  • Expands during curing to ensure a very tight seal around the services and the surrounding construction
  • Load bearing without reinforcement – great strength and adhesion for concentrated loads up to 15Kn
  • Sound reduction up to 64dB – maintains acoustic design performance in floors and walls
  • ETA Approval and CE marked
  • Fire classification up to 4 hours depending on the situation

The Protecta Ex Mortar is a gypsum based mortar for firestopping openings in floors and walls.  It is suitable for a vast range of pipework, ducts, cables, cable bundles, cable trays and cable ladders. It is self-levelling and cures within 1 hour.

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3154020FRXM2020 litre Speak to a specialist on 0115 922 1585.
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