Protecta® FR Graphite

Protecta® FR Graphite Service Penetration Sealant

The Protecta FR Graphite is a high specification formulation designed to prevent the spread of fire, smoke and gases through openings in fire rated walls and floors.  The product may be used in more extreme transits such as cable trays. It expands when it is subjected to fire and closes openings around penetrations when any combustible or low temperature melting materials have burnt away.

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Product Features

  • Pressure exerting sealant designed for firestopping combustible pipes and metal pipes with combustible insulation.
  • Contains a high concentration of heat expanding graphite to close down openings left by melting or combustible materials in the event of fire.
  • Prevents the spread of fire, smoke and gases around service penetrations in fire barriers.
  • Suitable for plastic pipes, steel pipes, insulated pipes, cable trays and plastic conduits in gypsum, masonry and concrete walls and floors.
  • Sound reduction up to 53dB can be achieved with just 25mm deep single sided seal – maintains acoustic design performance in floors and walls.
  • Using a suitable backing material such as Protecta FR Backing is the best way to ensure the correct depth of sealant in the joint.


  • FR Graphite has a broad scope of fire testing with pipes and cables in wall and floor combinations.
  • European Technical Assessment (ETA 18/0626).
  • CE marked.
  • Fire Classification up to EI 240 (4 hour) depending on the situation.

Code Size / Ref SizeBox Quantity Request a quote
3115310 FRG310 310ml 25 Speak to a specialist on 0115 922 1585. Speak to a specialist on 0115 922 1585.

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