H-Frames – Framo

  • Framo frames for high loads with excellent rigidity.
  • Can be used for low or high level supports and wide spans.
  • Can be manufactured in any Framo box section.
  • Can be supplied fully assembled or for site assembly.
  • Highly versatile for making adjustments on-site.

Five steps to building your H-Frame made from Framo box section:

Step 1:  Select your bracket width.
Step 2: Choose your bracket height (low or high level supports)
Step 3: Pick the number of levels you require (single or multiple)
Step 4: Choose section type (can be any Framo section or combined with channel profiles).
Step 5: Base plates (Framo base plates are available in a range of sizes).

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Not sure about the steel profile? Stay informed and choose the steel profile that is right for you.




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