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GMS 120 Bosch Multi-Detector

  • Professional multi-material detector
  • Reliable detection of wood, metal & live cables
  • Traffic light luminous indicator ring
  • Indicates type of material detected & exact centre
  • Maximum detection depth:
    Wood – 3.8cmFerrous metal – 12cmNon-ferrous metal – 8cmLive cables – 5cm

The Bosch GMS 120 provides reliable detection of objects buried in walls and is ideal for detecting wooden or metal studwork, pipes and live cables. Features a traffic light LED luminous ring with internal marking hole to indicate the detection result quickly and clearly and mark the drilling position. Indications are: green – no object is found; amber – caution, an object is nearby; red – object found. The centre finder screen indicates the exact centre of the material for pinpoint accuracy as well as the type of material found.

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