MCS-LP ETA Concrete Screws

MCS-LP ETA Concrete Screws


  • Thread cutting anchors for cracked and uncracked concrete
  • 17mm large pan head with torx drive – ideal for fixing slotted channel
  • Two lengths – 28mm shallow embedment version for low risk of reinforcement hits
  • Small drill diameter and fast installation

Testing & approvals

  • European Technical Assessments ETA-15/0055 & ETA-16/0123
  • ETA concrete screws are approved for use as a multiple fixing in cracked and uncracked concrete
  • 40mm version approved for use as a multiple fixing in pre-stressed concrete floor slabs
  • Fire resistance tested in concrete
ETA concrete screws approvals
ETA concrete screws approvals
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Installation features

These concrete screws have a large flat head to cover the slot of the channel and avoid the need for using a washer. A small 6.0mm drill size, low torque thread cutting and positive torx drive make for easy and rapid fixing. Depending on load requirement, using the reduced embedment 28mm version avoids reinforcement hits and the need to reposition the fixing.

ETA concrete screws are widely used by building services contractors for fixing slotted strut channels to concrete ceilings. These top-quality anchors have ETA approvals for fixing to both concrete and hollow concrete slab ceilings.

TOOLBOX TALK: It is critical when installing anchors that holes are drilled to the correct diameter and depth. Using a worn drill bit results in undersized holes, making installation difficult and increasing stresses in the anchor material and potentially leading to a failure – inspect drill bits frequently and replace when worn. Removing dust from holes is also important to prevent the anchor bottoming on the compacted dust.

Installation Training BS 8539 guidance Why select an ETA-approved anchor

CodeSize / RefMax Fixing ThicknessDrill Dia.DriveBox QuantityRequest a quote
0293928MCS6x28LP3mm6mmTX 30100 Speak to a specialist on 0115 922 1585.
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0293940MCS6x40LP5mm6mmTX 30100 Speak to a specialist on 0115 922 1585.
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