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Cable Firestop

  • Compressible fire retardant foam laminated between intumescent graphite polymer
  • Effectively firestops cable bunches in trunking or cable trays
  • Very simple to install – supplied in 1m lengths and cut to suit
  • Cables can easily be added or removed
  • Up to 4 hours fire rating

Cable firestop is an excellent solution for firestopping electrical containment. CF1000 consists of compressible fire retardent foam sandwiched in intumescent graphite and in the event of a fire will close the gap left by the melting cables. It is supplied in 1m lengths and cut to length to suit the width of the tray or trunking and placed across the cables in layers to fill the complete depth of the containment. After firestopping the containment the aperture around the tray or trunking is closed using Coated Panel or Firestop Compound.

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3143631CF100060mm x 25mm x 1m Speak to a specialist on 0115 922 1585.
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