MIDFIX Donation to Nottingham neonatal appeal

Our chosen charity this quarter is the big neonatal appeal, part of the Nottingham University Hospitals Charity including the Queens Medical Centre and the City Hospital.  The neonatal units at both hospitals provide intensive treatment for pre-term and poorly babies. They care for 1,500 babies each year.

To raise funds for the charity, staff took part in the “biggest loser” challenge to see who could lose the most weight over a period of time.  MIDFIX additionally made a corporate donation of £5,900 to the charity. Marianne Burchell from the Nottingham Hospitals Charity says; “It costs £5,000 for a new incubator, from MIDFIX’s donation, the hospital will be able to purchase a new incubator.”

An incubator used in neonatal units is a specially adapted heated and covered cot that allows babies to be nursed in a warm and atmosphere whilst allowing staff to observe them closely. It is primarily used for babies born prematurely.