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Episode 1: What do we mean by bracketry compliance?

Episode 2: How do we select an anchor in accordance with BS 8539

Episode 3: How does environment affect the selection of anchors in accordance with BS 8539

Episode 4: What is an ETA?

Episode 5: Can I break spec for a similar anchor?

Episode 6: What are concrete screws?

Episode 7: What is the function of Throughbolts?

Episode 8: How is an anchor supplied in accordance with BS 8539?

Episode 9: How can I make sure our anchor installations are compliant? with BS 8539

Episode 10: How can installers be trained to become BS 8539 compliant?

Episode 11: What is the main cause of anchor failure?

Episode 12: Are there any examples of anchor failure?

Episode 13: How did BS 8539 come about?

Episode 14: How does BS 8539 affect M&E contractors, manufacturers and suppliers?

Episode 15: What are the main methods of anchor testing?

Episode 16: We have always done it this way?

Episode 17: How does modular steelwork benefit the M&E Sector?

Episode 18: What is DfMA?

Episode 19: How does offsite and Modern methods of construction contribute towards the 2050 net zero carbon target?

Episode 20: Why are ETA approved anchors more expensive than anchors without?


Episode 1 – Have proprietary systems killed traditional steelwork?

Episode 2 – The evolvement of wire rope systems

Episode 3 – Can we insulate our way to net zero carbon by 2050?

Episode 4 – MIDFIX and Protecta discuss firestopping

Episode 5 – BS 8539:2012 guidance with RawlPlug UK

Episode 6 – How can Zinc Whiskers impact cable management support services?

Episode 7 – What does the term ‘fire rating’ mean?

Episode 8 – Is there a technological revolution within the M&E sector?

Episode 9 – How does thermal expansion impact pipe systems?

Episode 10 – Why is Galvanizing important for M&E supports?