Fixing Selection Board - MIDFIX

Research shows that fixings used in construction projects equate to less than 0.5% of the project value. For this reason, fixings are often relegated in the scale of priorities to far less than their true value in relation to the safety and structural integrity of the project. Consequentially, this leads to risks for potential failures. So, as a contractor how do you make sure that you have selected and installed the correct fixings?

Anchor Fixing Selection

The Construction Products Regulation stipulates that all anchors sold for safety critical applications should have suitable approval. Today, leading anchor manufacturers have extensively developed their ranges of approved products supported by load calculating design software. Where things often fall down is when the contractor either advertently or inadvertently uses an unapproved product or an incorrectly approved product for the application. BS8539 is the code of practice for the selection and installation of anchors and was introduced in 2012 to define the responsibilities around the correct selection and use of anchors. It is now followed by industry leading building services contractors.

As a responsible supplier to the industry, MIDFIX has actively promoted the benefits of adopting BS8539 and have hosted a number of training seminars for interested parties. Additionally, as the construction industry favours visual learning, we have created our popular fixings selection boards.

These boards are bespoke to each project and having engaged with the contractor to select the most appropriate range of approved fixings for the site, the board is produced with physical samples and supporting data. This is an effective way to bring contractors and sub-contractors onto the same page and ensure compliance and consistency across the project.

Anchor Testing

In some cases, a physical test is still required by main contractors and we can provide these in conjunction with the fixing selection boards. This is often requested on refurbishment projects where there is uncertainty around the base substrate materials. To understand the testing process, watch our short video below.


The MIDFIX on-site fixing testing is carried out in accordance with BS8539 and a comprehensive report for each test is provided detailing the performance of the fixings at the required load levels.

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