Guide Dogs Cheque Presentation

There are over 4,950 guide dog owners in the UK. For people who are blind or partially sighted, a guide dog is life changing.  Guide Dogs was our nominated charity to support at the end of last year. MIDFIX staff organised a mince pie bake-off to raise funds and MIDFIX made a corporate donation of £4,800. Today, there was a real buzz in the office as we welcomed two guide dogs; Brydie and Elliott who dropped in to say Hello.

David, a Guide Dog representative told us that it takes 18 months to train a puppy to become a guide dog. He adds; “Without his guide dog, he will lose his independence completely.” Having a guide dog has truly transformed David’s life.

It costs over £5,000 to breed and puppy walk each guide dog puppy and the average lifetime cost of a guide dog is £55,000.

“Without my guide dog, I will lose my independence completely.”