Mechanical and electrical contractors are often faced with challenges where standard products are not viable.

With tight deadlines and other complications to take into account, we provide an integrated solution with one source of accountability from pre-construction right through to project completion.

Our team are able to translate your requirements into detailed designs, providing you with expertise that will save time and cost in delivering your projects. We provide a range of engineered solutions, including concept design, engineering and specialist design advice relating to defined manufacturing processes. We utilise our in-house prefabrication facility to support our clients through manufacturing off-site to build modules and supports; and you can rest assured that our environment is strictly quality controlled, from installation to build.

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Discover our engineering solutions


Concept Design

Creating a bespoke design solution for you

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Creating a bespoke engineering solution for you

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At MIDFIX, we have a sound understanding of products, and are able to provide bespoke solutions to suit individual client requirements and specifications. Our in-house design services include:


The key benefits of these include:

  • Cost effective savings
  • Increased on-site safety
  • Minimised waste during fabrication
  • Customised solutions to your project needs
  • Ability to gain a competitive advantage with new innovations
  • Projects are delivered on time with high quality solutions
  • All solutions are in adherence to Eurocodes and British standards

Over the years, we’ve applied our engineered solutions to several electrical, mechanical and civil projects, where conventional options simply weren’t feasible. Ensuring all deadlines are met, we apply the same principles of service and rapid turnaround to design solutions and manufactured projects, as we do to those supplied from stock.

Engineered Solutions

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