Framework and Treetops donations

Today, we were pleased to donate to two local charities. Staff here love to get involved in fundraising challenges on a regular basis in support of several local and national charities carefully chosen by people within the business. Our latest nominated charities were Treetops Hospice and Framework.

Over the Summer, we organised several fundraising events. To coincide with the World Cup, we simply had to organise a “just for kicks” goal-scoring competition. Staff also pledged to lose weight over an 8-week period in the biggest loser competition. We also reminisced over our childhood days by organising a paper plane competition to see which one could fly the furthest. The winning plane flew an impressive 23.44m. MIDFIX collectively made a donation of approx. £6,500 to Framework and a donation of £5,500 to Treetops Hospice.