1GW interconnector enabling electricity exchange between Britain and France via Channel Tunnel

50% additional electrical exchange between Britain and France

Designed and manufactured supports using 316 A4 grade stainless steel

Project Brief

In recent years, European countries have committed to a major energy transition in order to meet our growing energy demand and address energy security issues. At the same time, we pledged to reduce CO2 emissions and explore ways to generate electricity from alternative and renewable sources.

The ElecLink project was then conceived, it is a new 1GW electrical interconnector. On completion, it will enable the transportation of electricity between Great Britain and France via the Channel Tunnel. This will result in a 50% additional electrical exchange between the two countries. By making use of the existing infrastructure, the Channel Tunnel, this project will minimise environmental impact.

MIDFIX was appointed to design and manufacture support frames for AHUs on the site.


The interconnector is in Folkestone, Kent which means it is situated in a coastal environment. This was a significant factor because the support frames which we designed and manufactured were made from stainless steel 316 (A4) grade due to its corrosion resistance properties.

Our supports were designed on a Qwikfoot modular frame system. Qwikfoot provides superior load distribution and the installation process is very quick and simple.

AHU Supports - MIDFIX
AHU Supports