Tight Time Frame

Pipework Support Structure Designed and Fabricated

Technical challenges included wind loading

Project Brief

MIDFIX was appointed to provide a pipework support solution for covering a circular sewage treatment tank in the West Midlands.



This project was particularly challenging due to the height of the pipe support bridge measuring 9 metres high. This resulted in factoring wind-loading during the design phase. We were also under a tight time frame to provide a solution, pre-fabricate and deliver to site.

We ultimately provided a concept design solution of erecting a pipe support bridge using Sikla Framo measuring 9 x 2.5 metres. Framo was chosen as the material due to the speed of construction, adjustability on site and the product’s durability.

During the concept design stage, special attention was paid to the size of the tank and the service loads such as structural self weight and fluid loads.

Once the concept was approved, a final structural analysis was performed, and a detailed construction drawing was produced for fabrication. The design checks were conducted considering various design combinations. All forces, deflections and stress checks were based on Eurocode and British Standards.

Our workshop then pre-fabricated the support bridge in one day and delivered to site for installation.

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