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Technical challenges included height of the pipework and associated wind loading

QMEXX modular pipe system deployed for rapid assembly and adaptability

Project overview:

Anglian Water invested £15m in a new water treatment works designed to secure water supplies as well as to improve water quality for homes and industry around the Haverhill area in Suffolk. They required above-ground pipe support across the whole site and for the supports to withstand weather conditions.

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What did MIDFIX provide?
Designed, fabricated and delivered above-ground pipe supports by utilising the QMEXX modular pipe support system.

MIDFIX provided:

  • Communication with the client to get a firm understanding of the project requirements
  • Discussed the feasibility of the project taking into consideration the contractors main concern (the wind and its potential interference with the height of the above-ground support)
  • Concept design – provided a concept design which was then signed off by the contractor
  • The engineering process –  developing, evaluating and validating the design solution. We produced accurate calculations, load assessments, and structural and analysis reports that were created to ensure the components could withstand the challenges of installing above-ground pipework at such a height.
  • Delivery – we delivered 31 individual QMEXX components including;
    U-bolts (pipe saddles) to suit DN600 3mm thick rubber insulation
    End & corner supports
    3.6 metre H-frame pipe bridge

What is QMEXX?
QMEXX is a range of off-the-shelve components that can be assembled together to provide support for above-ground pipes. Unique to MIDFIX the range covers;

  • Post mounted pipe brackets (U-bolts, flange supports, pipe clamps)
  • Cross bar-mounted pipe brackets
  • Uniquely designed box sections that the pipe brackets are designed to connect to

Why did MIDFIX decide to utilise QMEXX?

MIDFIX decided to use QMEXX components to fabricate above-ground pipe support because the modular range is adaptable, can be easily assembled on-site, ensuring the client could open the water treatment works on-time. Secondly, QMEXX is available off-the-shelf so if the contractor required further supports, it could be delivered on-site and fit straight onto the current set up. MIDFIX is the only UK company capable of providing the calculated reports which prove that QMEXX can withstand the wind when supporting pipework 4 meters off the ground. The whole range has a hot-dip galvanised protecting it from corrosion.

What are the benefits of QMEXX?

  • Flexible: made to measure on-site or off-site
  • Adjustable: instantly height adjustable
  • Adaptable: can be instantly adapted to accommodate changes
  • Connectable: unlimited connection points for making further attachments
  • Corrosion Protected: fully hot dip galvanized
  • Load Rated: backed with straightforward load ratings
  • Site Friendly: requires no welding
  • Easy Handling: up to 80% less weight than traditional fabricated pipe support products
  • Off-the-shelf: no waiting for manufacturing
  • Time-Saving: minimal installation time and no downtime for reworking
  • Cost-Effective: reduces overall project costs


We have supplied QMEXX to over 500 projects across the UK and have worked closely with several water treatment sites previously. The contractor was aware of the technical expertise we hold in-house and our capability of producing specific calculations and reports on the QMEXX components. This helped to reassure them that the unique technical challenges of installing above ground pipework with the challenging wind conditions could be overcome with our solution.

Technical drawings/designs


Pipe supports at WTW in Suffolk - MIDFIX


QMEXX pipe supports - MIDFIX


QMEXX Pipe Supports - MIDFIXPipe Supports - MIDFIX

All above-ground pipe supports were delivered on-time and in-full, due to the flexibility and simplicity of assembly all of the pipe supports were put in place within weeks, ensuring that the water treatment site could be operational on-time.

wtw pipe supports - MIDFIX


Discover how MIDFIX can help remove the challenges of above-ground pipe support;

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