Designed and Fabricated a Pipe and Cable support bridge

Technical challenges included the height and length of the bridge

Based on Eurocode and British Standards

Project Brief

MIDFIX was commissioned to create a high-level pipe and cable support bridge that would be strong enough to withstand the loads of the pipes and cables as well as the exposed weather conditions at a bio-energy plant in Derby.


The height and length of the bridge on this project presented us with technical challenges. Taking the service load of the pipes, wind loading and height of the pipework, our engineers proposed a concept design using Sikla Framo to create a support bridge measuring 10m x 15m. The material Sikla Framo was chosen due to the product’s durability. We used splice connections to increase the span of the framo main beams. The bridge was designed with a bracing system to resist wind loading. We also undertook the anchor calculations to secure the bridge’s structural columns into the foundation.

Once the designs were approved, a final structural analysis was performed, and a detailed construction drawing was produced for fabrication. The design checks were conducted considering various design combinations. All forces, deflections and stress checks were based on Eurocode and British Standards. The bridge was then pre-fabricated and delivered to site for installation.