ETA approved anchor BS 8539 guidance

In the fourth episode of our soundout series, Stevan discusses the importance of understanding anchor approvals and why specifying an ETA (European Technical Assessment) approved anchor can help the supply chain ensure the right anchor reaches the site.

What does ETA stand for?

ETA stands for European technical assessment. The ETA is a set of harmonised standards that tests the performance of an anchor. With an ETA-approved anchor, a specifier can compare the product performance of one anchor to another and will know its true performance.

What type of testing is carried out?

The ETA carries out independent performance tests. They test the anchors in various substrates, various loads, various embedment depths, oversized holes, undersized holes it’s quite a rigorous and onerous testing regime.

Other examples of tests carried out by the ETA include:

  • Over-torque the anchor
  • Fixing it close to the edge

What does the ETA testing tell us?

The ETA carries out independent testing on a particular anchor for a particular substrate. The ETA uses the mean value of a set of test results providing an accurate ETA loading specification.

Every ETA approved anchor comes with a report which contains;

  • Manufacturer details
  • Product name and intended use
  • Manufacturing plant/part number
  • Details of the assessment programme and the performance of the product
  • The control task of the manufacturer, depending on the relevant AVCP systems

How can it help the anchor supply chain?
For a designer or an installer, an ETA verification can help them specify and install the right anchor. There is clear data to refer to. If the installation conditions are as per the ETA test, then that is a guarantee that the fixing will achieve that load value.

BS 8539 approval guidance

BS 8539 states; if an ETA approved anchor has been installed and supervised by a competent person we don’t need to carry testing out because we already know the performance characteristics of that particular anchor’.

Where can I find out further information?

Read our definitive BS 8539 guide to help support four main areas;

  • Selecting the correct anchor
  • Supply – helps to ensure that the correctly selected anchor reaches the site
  • Install – it guides us in the installation of the anchor
  • Test – how do we test that the installation is correct

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Where can I order ETA approved anchors?

Find our comprehensive range of ETA approved anchors or contact our team of anchor experts today;

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