Solar Panels - MIDFIX

In the past 12 months, solar power in the UK has nearly doubled. Panels can be found in homes, schools, farms, police stations, train stations, bridges and of course solar farms. The Government has set targets for installations on commercial rooftops, homes and solar farms.

In the UK Renewable Energy Roadmap update issued back in December 2012, it stated that; β€œThe Government believes that solar PV has the potential to form a significant part of the renewable energy generation mix.”

The increasing popularity of solar panels can largely be attributed to cost savings. There is an initial upfront cost, then the panels produce free energy for a very long time. For domestic homes, panels have become more cost effective over the years coupled with the FIT (Feed-in-Tariff) subsidy introduced by the Government in 2010. The FIT scheme ended in March 2019. Experts predict that solar energy will eventually be cheaper than gas and fossil fuel.

The panels shown in the photo were installed at a primary school in Birmingham. We designed and supplied the panel supports. Sometimes, off-the-shelf supports may not be adequate, our specialist engineering design team can design bespoke fittings and supports for solar panels. Talk to our sales team today.

Solar Panel support drawing - MIDFIX