qwikstud – securely fasten pipe clamp to channel

We know that fastening pipe clamps to channel can be a time-consuming task with:

1.) Cutting the stud
2.) Filing the stud
3.) Requiring multiple components

This is why our R&D team at MIDFIX have designed the solution – let us introduce to you the Qwikstud.

What is Qwikstud?

Qwikstud is a MIDFIX creation –  our R&D team at MIDFIX have designed a solution – a four-in-one product that brings together: channel nut, stud, lipped washer and two locknuts into one durable product to quickly and efficiently secure pipe clamps to channel.

What sizes are available for Qwikstud?

Qwikstud is available in three sizes: M10 x 40, M10 x 50 and M10 x 60mm.

How does Qwikstud work?

The channel nut is held in position by its top retaining spring and the locking nut tightened. The lipped washer is prevented from turning by its saddle design. The pipe clamp is then screwed onto the stud and the second locking nut tightened to lock the clamp securely in place.

What are the benefits of Qwikstud?

✔️ 75% time-saving
✔️ A neat installation with a lipped channel washer
✔️ Consistency in the height of the stud every time
✔️ Top spring design for self-retention

Discover how Qwikstud can help you secure pipe clamps to channel sections

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Discover how our Qwikstud can help you secure pipe support to channel section.

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