Brexit blog

There is still an ongoing uncertainty surrounding BREXIT as well as the continued threat of disruption to the supply chains. At MIDFIX, we have created a BREXIT strategy to support our customers even in the event of a substantial disruption. Adrian says; “Amidst all this instability, our end-goal is to make the supply of fixings, supports and consumables a certainty to our customers.”

Being a financially stable company means that we are in a strong position. We have recently acquired an additional 30,000sq.ft. warehouse next to our existing facility, allowing us to substantially increase our stock levels with further stocks due to arrive over the next few weeks.

We have pledged the following commitments to our customers:

• Updating our BREXIT Strategy plan.
• Doubling our storage capacity with an additional 30,000sq.ft. warehouse.
• Identifying the areas of our supply chain most at risk from disruption.
• Intelligently investing over £2m in our stock-holding in the UK.
• Ensuring that stock that needs to cross the channel does so by week 12.
• Importing from our overseas suppliers on a Free-on-Board (FOB) basis giving us full control over which shipping line and landing port we use to avoid congestion as much as possible.
• Meetings and discussions with key supply manufacturers to achieve alignment to the MIDFIX plan.
• Working with our clients to pre-procure and store product for key projects.
• Keeping our customers informed of any price fluctuations caused by duty and availability issues.
• Ensuring that existing customers are prioritised in the event of any restrictions.
• Ensuring that all EU employees are aware of their settlement status.
• Protecting cash reserves in case of an industry downturn and increased debt and bankruptcy.

Adrian adds; “I sincerely hope that a satisfactory BREXIT agreement is reached in time. If so, some of our preparations will have been unnecessary. However, we believe in solutions and we are continuing to invest for growth throughout this period of uncertainty.”

I’d like to thank our customers for their continued support. If you have any comments or wish to discuss anything further, please feel free to contact me direct.

“Our end goal is to make the supply of fixings, supports and consumables a certainty to our customers.”

Adrian Fowler, MIDFIX