MIDFIX Firesafe Tie Mount

We are very excited to launch this patent pending product to the UK market. Designed by MIDFIX’s Innovation team, it brings an important new cable fixing to the UK market. Since the BS 7671:2018 – 18th Edition IET Wiring Regulations came into force at the start of the year, there has been significant changes to the way cables are fixed. Let us introduce you to Firesafe Tie Mounts.

These unique MIDFIX products are designed for using with gas and cordless nailing machines such as Pulsa 800, DeWalt DCN 890 and Hilti BX3 and GX3. Having spoken to many electrical contractors over the years, we know that using nailing machines is one of the most common methods of fixing cables in electrical installations. We know that to installers it is important for the installation process to be quick, cost effective, labour saving and compliant with the latest regulations.

Designed to use with steel cable ties for fixing cables, cable bundles and plastic conduit, our Firesafe Tie Mounts essentially replace the plastic tie mounts currently used and they are compliant with the 18th Edition Wiring Regulations. We have launched two versions; the FTM18 and FTM18-S.

Adrian said; “The FTM18 is designed for use with machines fitted with magnetic nose pieces which retain the mount while firing the nail.

We are very excited about the FTM18-S. It is pending patent approval; we came up with the idea of creating a snap-off safety tab for holding and positioning the mount during nailing.  The installer uses the tab to safely hold the mount while firing the nail gun, it then snaps off quickly and clearly after fixing.  This mount can be used with all nailing machines and, an additional benefit, it is not necessary to swap between standard and magnetic nose pieces when using the nail gun for different types of fixings.”

Firesafe Tie Mounts perfectly compliment the MIDFIX range of steel cable ties recently introduced to meet the demand for economically priced fire-resistant cable ties. MIDFIX now stock perhaps the most comprehensive range of fire-resistant cable fixings all of which are 18th Edition Wiring Regulations compliant. For further advice, speak to our sales team today.