QMEXX at Anglian WTW

Within the water and process industries, it is still common for pipe supports to be designed, then welded and delivered to site for installation. This process adds time and costs to the overall project. We sat down and considered how to simplify this process. So, we came up with QMEXX, a unique and clever modular pipe support system.

Imagine this, you can get an off-the-shelf range which is easily adjustable, and it can be rapidly assembled on-site (or it can be supplied pre-assembled), no welding or design needed.

Bob says; β€œThe beauty of the QMEXX system is that it is so versatile, you can make instant adjustments and adapt it to suit your exact site requirements. There are unlimited connection points allowing you to make further attachments. It also weighs 80% less compared to traditional steel fabrications.”

So how does this system work? Sikla Framo 80 forms the basis of the QMEXX system. This clever multi-holed box section makes it very easy for you to connect pipe brackets. You can quickly assemble post supports, goal posts, H-Frames and cantilever arms within minutes!

No manufacturing is required because you literally pick the products off-the shelf. The range is fully hot dip galvanised so the products are protected from corrosion and there are straightforward load ratings. Click here to view our product range.

For more information on our QMEXX range, speak to our sales team today on 0115 922 1585 or e: sales@midfix.co.uk