Environment and its affects on the selection of an anchor/fixing

In our latest soundout episode our fixings/anchor expert Steve Grkinic discusses the role the environment plays when selecting an anchor/fixing.  

When considering the environment we need to answer the following questions; 

  1. Will the anchor be installed internally? 
  2. Will the anchor be installed in humid conditions? 
  3. Will the anchor be installed outside/external?  
  4. Will the anchor be installed near the coast? 
  5. Are there any special conditions which need considering? 

Corrosion ratings are very important to examine, we can typically look at C4 on anchors with zinc flake or stainless steel. There are certain environments we have to be very careful about when selecting anchors such as swimming pools because of chlorinated environments which can induce stress corrosion cracking in some grades of stainless steel. 

Corrosion categorisation

Different types of environments and how the anchor/fixing selection is impacted by them.

Below you can see a table that outlines a typical application and the average amount of time it would take for an anchor/fixings finish to damage*

Corrosion categories and anchor selection

Source: Construction Fixing Association (CFA)

*Please be aware in each of these cases we are presuming the application condition is normal before installation. 

Overall, the environment is a very important factor to consider when selecting an anchor. 

Further reading 

The CFA (Construction Fixing Association) is trusted body that provides useful guides around the BS 8539 to help inform the construction industry.  

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