Alistair Exworthy

Today, I catch up with Alistair Exworthy for 5 minutes, one of our super Fabricators in the workshop. We talk about the importance of having the right tools, always.

Alistair, what’s your role at MIDFIX?

What do you like most about your job?
I’m a practical person and like to work with my hands. I couldn’t do an office-based job. I like the fact that it varies every day and the projects are all different.

What’s been your favourite project?
That’s a tough question, I’ve really enjoyed working on the bespoke projects. Here’s a couple…

Access Platform
Access Platform designed and manufactured by MIDFIX at a university.


I worked on a university project where our customer literally gave us 48 hours to design, manufacture and deliver an access platform to site for installation. After copious amounts of coffee, we did it! I like the real sense of achievement when you see your product installed on-site. It’s extremely rewarding.

I also enjoyed working on a new Hangar at a major UK Airport. It will be a high bay hangar housing multiple aircrafts. I manufactured the cable containments supports which were installed in the hangar.

Hangar at UK airport
Hangar in construction. MIDFIX manufactured the gas pipe supports, cable containment, lighting and siphonic rainwater drainage.


What advice would you give to people wanting a career in this field?
It’s not a glamourous job if I’m honest, however, if you are a practical hands-on person with good attention to detail, then I’d recommend it 100%. You also need to be flexible.

Thank you for your time Alistair

“It’s extremely rewarding seeing your products installed on-site – If you are a practical hands-on person then I’d recommend this career 100%.

Alistair Exworthy